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K.O calls out Fan for Pirating his Album

K.O at Vodacom Durban July #VDJ2019 #DurbanJuly2019

Rapper K.O who recently released his much anticipated album #PTYUnLTD, has bee enjoying an overflow of good reviews from fans, some calling it a masterpiece. However, one fan’s attempt to show the rapper some love, did not sit well with K.O and decided to call the fan out on this act. The superfan, judging from his timeline which every tweet seems to be about the ‘Say U Will’ hitmaker, posted a screenshot of his favourite track on the album. Much to his dismay, K.O responded; “You’re disrespecting my blood, sweat and tears with this screenshot, yet you say you dig the album.

K.O at Vodacom Durban July #VDJ2019 #DurbanJuly2019

In a now deleted tweet, it seems as though the fan downloaded the album from a free downloading site. In other words pirated the album.Musicians have been fighting the piracy situation for decades, but it seems their cries are falling on deaf ears. So they find other means to make money from their music. Many artists, like AKA, have spoken out on this, urging fans to purchase the albums legally and refrain from using free downloading sites, as this hurts their brands and hard work.


An unlikely source came to the fans’ defense. Euphonik asked K.O to educate the fan and thank him for supporting his music despite the platform he used to download his album.

Fans argued that streaming and purchasing music is costly and they simply cannot afford it. One fan urged musicians to direct their anger to the site developers, not the fans because if music is freely available to them, they will download their music using those websites.

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