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Jerry Maake’s return shakes Twitter #TheQueen

The Queen’s Jerry Maake pulled a Stefano Dimera (waking up from the dead on a soapie)  after his on screen death earlier this year, and Twitter was shook by the twist in the storyline.

Jerry Maake aka ‘Robocob’, played by Shona Ferguson, returned after apparently being killed because he knew too much about the drug selling Khoza family.

Jerry Maake

The loved cop relayed how he was saved by a homeless kid who dragged him out of the burning house that was meant to kill him, but unfortunately lost his own life in the process.

Viewers could believe their eyes and that they “wasted their tears”.


Some users were happy to have their beloved Robocob back, while others could not move past their emotions being played with by script writers.

Of course it was a meme fest of note: