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Is Skeem Saam’s Kwaito the new Leshole? He just can’t get a break: Memes

Kwaito, played by Clement Maosa, went through the most this week after his idea for an invention was stolen. Of course, it didn’t help that he signed a contract for it without reading, so even if he did go to court, it probably won’t help.

Here we go again! Just as we were all coming to terms with Skeem Saam’s Leshole being the most unlucky character on TV, the soapie’s Kwaito was shown more flames than a firefighter.

Clement Maosa

Fans were like; “We’ve been here before” and took to Twitter to ask the show’s writers to give its characters a break.



And they even suggested that only the ancestors can help poor Kwaito be more woke.



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