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Is it going to be Wolves vs Man United for Europa Cup Final?

Man U vs Wolves for Europa Finals

Fans and bookies all over the World are going crazy trying to predict which two teams will meet in the finals of the Europa League Cup. 

As we all know Wolverhampton Wanderers nicknamed Wolves started their season pretty early with qualifiers for the Europa League and this has somewhat affected their performance this season. But they remain the most dangerous and unpredictable team in the premier league.

Manchester United, on the other hand, has been the most in-form team. Since the season restart, Man United has lost 1 match vs Chelsea. United together with their dangerous front line of Mason Greenwood, Martial and Rashford are one team that we predict will be in the final of the Europa League Cup.

The big question is will it be Nuno Espírito Santo vs Ole Gunnar Solskjær for the finals or some other teams want to make it a point to disturb this Premier League Final.

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An interesting point to note is from now on the matches will be knockout matches, there is no home and away matches. So will United or Wolves manage a win to stay in the competition?

Manchester United will face Copenhagen next on Monday 10 August 2020 while Wolves face the unpredictable Sevilla on Tuesday the 11th. It’s going to be interesting to see if both these teams will win against their opponents.

Pressure will be on coach Nuno Espírito Santo and Wolves should Man United win on Monday and this will really set the Wolves vs Sevilla match to be a thriller. However, we think Raúl Jiménez and Adama Traoré will definitely have a lot to say as they have been in top form for Wolves. It’s difficult to mention only those two when we talk about Wolves, names like Diogo Jota and Rúben Neves pop up also.

 It will all come down to the coach’s tactics and endurance of the players. Should these teams meet in the Finals, who do you think will win the Europa League? Manchester United or Wolverhampton Wanderers. 

Wolves will play Sevilla at MSV-Arena while Man United will battle it out at RheinEnergieStadion. Manchester United are looking to reach only their second European Final since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson. There has been a major trophy drought at Old Trafford and we are sure Ole Gunnar Solskjær will do his best in those two weeks in Germany to bring the cup home.

On the other hand, we can’t dismiss how amazing Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. has been. They have managed to finish in the top half of the Premier League for the second year running. They have also qualified for Europa League for next season and winning the Cup this season will give them a free ticket to the UEFA Champions League. We know a final between Wolves and United will be an amazing watch, who are you betting on to lift the CUP?