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Inkosi Sipho Mahlangu who had a n@ked woman in the room during a virtual meeting speaks out

Inkosi Sipho Mahlangu

A n@ked woman appeared on screen while an inkosi was in a virtual meeting. The National House of Traditional Leaders has since apologized for the unfortunate incident.

The organization, speaking through its chairman Ikosi Sipho Mahlangu, apologized to the co-operative governance and traditional affairs parliamentary committee and to South Africans at large.

Mahlangu also apologized on behalf of the member whose partner appears in the video.

He told the publication he was very embarrassed by the incident. He emphasized it was unintentional and asked Mzansi to stop sharing the video.

He said with the unexpected arrival of Covid-19, virtual platforms replaced traditional boardrooms.

He said virtual platforms intruded on people’s privacy as they sometimes allowed for meetings to go beyond normal working hours.

Mahlangu said there was no excuse for what happened and that working from home was a challenge.

“A lot of people who use these platforms haven’t been formally prepared or trained,” he told the publication.

“As such, we need to protect and safeguard the parties and their families from any insensitive prejudice perpetuated by the ongoing sharing of the video in question.

‘This constitutes a further infringement on the affected family’s rights and degrades their dignity.

“While the lady in the video was not aware that the camera was on and that she was visible on the virtual platforms, the situation painted an unfortunate picture of what might happen when work invades personal family space.”

He said the National House of Traditional Leaders was against harmful gender stereotypes and actions.

-daily sun

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