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Independent candidate Blessings Ramoba advocates for better border security

An independent candidate contesting the upcoming general elections, Blessings Ramoba says his manifesto or policy for the 2024 general elections focuses on reducing unemployment and championing industrialization for job creation, amongst other things.

He says South Africa needs to enhance border security. South Africans will head to the polls on the 29th of next month. Ramoba says the people need to elect their president from the ground.

“In future, an independent candidate must be able to contest the elections to go to Union Building. Meaning that it’s unconstitutional right now, if I get about two million votes, I’m the only one to go to Parliament. We have to make sure that, so the reason why we also want to actually be a policymaker by being in Parliament is also to advance this.

The idea of an independent candidate that people must choose their leaders from the ground. They must elect you and elect a president, other than a constituent of a political party where you have to go to according to party line, you know, and things like that.

Source: eNCA

In other news – He now relies on government’s R350 per month’: Ex-Generations actor Carlo Radebe allegedly hit by hard times

Well-known South African actor Carlo Radebe is allegedly destitute and struggling to make ends meet. A close friend of the former Generations star, Mauritz Neethling, took to his Facebook timeline recently to plead with Mzansi to help Carlo.

Carlo Radebe

Neethling revealed since Covid-19 had affected the arts industry the veteran actor had lost his livelihood been evicted from his former residence and was staying on a remote smallholding outside Johannesburg. Read more