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“I want my kids to experience the club life with me first” – Manaka Ranaka

There’s a difference between being a single mother and a single woman.

It’s so unfortunate that TV only shows us the very strict parenting side of Generations The Legacy actress Lucy Diale played by  Manaka Ranaka, but in real life, she’s actually the fun mom.

Manaka Ranaka

In Generations The Legacy, Manaka Ranaka plays the role of a no-nonsense-taker and very strict mom Lucy to teenage daughter Namhla played by Thuli Phongolgo. But in real life, Manaka knows how to strike a balance between being strict and playful with her two daughters.

While others may find it hard to look past her tough and tomboyish character on Generations, Manaka is actually a really cool, calm and collected woman who is not afraid to speak her mind. When she’s not being boyish on set and threatening Mrekza’s  existence, Manaka is at home doing what she loves the most, raising her two daughters.


Manaka Ranaka and daughters

A single mother of two (Kagiso 18 and Lesedi 9) the actress says people tend to believe the grass is always greener on the other side, but it’s not always the case. In an exclusive interview with Drum magazine, the actress opened up about raising two girls by two guys. “I am raising two kids by two different guys”.

“I tell my kids I grew up with two parents but sometimes I envied friends who were raised by a mother alone. This is because when parents fight, it becomes ugly for everyone in the house”, she said.

Manaka is definitely amongst the lucky ones because while others complain about being single mothers or even fathers for that matter, she has a wonderful support system and if it wasn’t for her siblings and parents, it would be harder to raise her girls. Especially seeing that she works a 12 hour day, every day.

Manaka Ranaka

The actress also revealed that she does not overcompensate for absent dads like other mothers do. She says that  her absent baby daddies are never a topic between her and her daughters and that she never makes a fuss about it.

“We will speak about their fathers if they bring them up in their own time, I believe I have done my part and my kids know their grandparents, they know my side of the family, the family that raised them. It’s not my responsibility to go out there to find their fathers ‘side of the family”. she firmly said.

Manaka Ranaka kidsJudging from her Instagram account, her daughters seem to have a lot of fun with their mother unlike Namhla. Her eldest daughter is at the stage of dating now and while other mothers may want to smother their babies until kingdom come, Manaka says as much as she doesn’t fully support dating, she is open to it and has grown conversations with her.

“We had the talk, and I explained that boys will always be around and she must just focus on school for now.”

How cute is her youngest Lesedi, listen to her rap.

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She is so much fun that you can expect to see her getting low in the club with her daughters.  “I am that parent that will go with her.I want them to experience it with me around first,” she says. So don’t be shocked if you see Manaka on the dance floor dipping and doing it with her girls.

She might be raising her daughters without their fathers but one thing is for certain, she is not complaining and she is definitely not a single woman.