J’Something – I am proud to be a human being

Muso J’Something is all kinds of spirits this Heritage Month as he celebrates it with his father-in-law. As Heritage month is a month to celebrate and acknowledge one’s culture, J took to social media and shared a motivating snap of himself and father-in-law in Zulu heritage attire. The singer wrote a heartfelt caption about how one celebrates their culture if one is a little bit of so many different cultures.


How do you celebrate Heritage Day if you are a little bit of so many different cultures? It’s a question that always comes to mind, not only on this day but throughout the year for me.” He explained that he was born in Portugal and part of his family originates from Mocambique, however, he grew up in SA and through his music and the travel that came with it he managed to encounter and learn about so many different cultures.


“I am proud to be a human being, part of this human race that has a lot of beauty in it. The most important lesson I have learnt in this short life I’ve had so far is that in order to be apart of this something you need to open up yourself to it.” The Micasa band member explained that if one opens themselves to different clutures they will get to learn about it.

“To dive in, open-minded and curious. I wanna encourage all of you that follow me to learn a little bit more about your friends and their cultures, to learn languages, and to take part in ceremonies that are different from your norm.”


J explained that as South Africans we are a diverse part of the world, that has gone through a lot but through it all, we have enriched our heritage beyond measure. “I am proud to be a human being. This is a picture of my father and I at my wedding.

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