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Huddah Monroe caught red handed

Huddah Monroe caught red handed

Well, even to women, buttocks are irresistible. In fact, most of my female friends openly give each other compliments. When it comes to Huddah, she is such an open-minded woman, with no chills when it comes to expressing herself.

Huddah Monroe caught red handed

Huddah is regarded as a goddess and inspiration to many. Her social channels are awash with activities – from her cosmetic brand promos to photos that leave little to the imagination. The pages she follows are all about luxury real estate.



Back to her complimenting her friends unashamedly…

A couple of weeks ago, fellow socialite Anita Fabiola posted a risque photo showing off her buttocks. Huddah went on to openly thirst for her. Mark you, this must have been on a lighter note since the Ugandan beauty is actually married to a rich man by the name Mark.

Anita flirted back with sweaty face emojis. This is more of a ‘compliment taken’ sort of vibe. In the past, Huddah has admitted that she has nothing against women. In a 2018 session with fans, she addressed this.Huddah Monroe caught red handed

“The issue of me being bisexual, honestly speaking I appreciate women. When I see a good lady I’ll just tell her you are beautiful or you have a nice ass or boobs,” she admitted.

She, however, said that it does not mean that she is attracted to women.

Source: Kelebrity