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How to Unsubscribe from Notifications on News365.co.za


We are aware that some of our readers get irritated when notifications keep coming in. Because of that, we came up with this small guide to help you unsubscribe from these rather boring and irritating notifications.

Firstly you have to visit https://news365.co.za again whether on the homepage or any post. Scroll down as if you are reading something, you will see a red bell appear to the left of your screen. See screenshot below.

unsubscribe from news365 notifications


The second thing you have to do after clicking the bell is to click on unsubscribe and you are done. No more irritating notifications to your computer or phone.

However should this process fail, you can look for site settings whenever you receive the next notifications. There should be a small gear on that notification, click on it and go to site settings. Once there unclick where it says allow notifications and you are ready to go.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience we are aware of how irritating it can get to keep receiving all these notifications and we hope this small guide will help you out. We thank you for your constant support – News365.co.za


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