How To Decorate Your House With Confederate Flags

The confederate flag is an issue of serious contention within the United States. Regardless, there are those that love their confederate flags. They may love them so much that they may want to decorate their houses with them. For such people, decorating their homes with confederate flags is a matter of patriotism and pride.

Luckily, the confederate flag is not a difficult symbol to assimilate into the décor of a house. The following are several ways in which you can decorate your house with confederate flags:

Put One Outside The House

The most commonplace in the United States where you will see a confederate flag is on the front lawn. There will usually be a hoist or a mast where the flag will be raised.

It is the most classic and prominent way to decorate your house with the confederate flag. It is right in front of the property and is a conspicuous decoration that every passerby will notice.

You can also try decorating your home in the same manner if you have no reservations about flying the confederate flag. It is certainly the most ostentatious and exuberant way to decorate your house with confederate flags.

Confederate Flag Bedding

Decorating your house with confederate flags really makes you think about the great expanses of fabric in your home. The people behind explained that your bed has the largest surfaces of most things in your home. Therefore, it is a great place for you to put your confederate flag. You can also come up with your own unique design for confederate flag bedding.

Everyone who sees the bed will see the confederate flag which makes it a very apparent decoration. What matters is that you see it every time you go to bed.

Hang Them On The Wall

Another way in which you can decorate your home with a confederate flag is to hang it on the wall. As far as the space to display the flag is concerned, a wall offers a spectacular view of it.

There are small confederate flags that will only cover a small area and should not be used for such decoration. Hanging the flag on the wall is for the more expansive variety and those who want to display it in its full glory.

Only those who come into the house will see it. On the other hand, hanging it on the wall makes it easier to take it down and clean it. You may have to prevent others from touching it as it can get dirty fairly quickly.

Seat Covers

Speaking of surface area, the seat covers are another area with a lot of it which makes it a great space to decorate with a confederate flag. If done right, it would also make them very appealing.

Some people will have reservations about sitting on a confederate flag of any kind. If it helps, only the designs of the seats are confederate flags hence you will not be seating on an actual flag.

Unless your seats are made of great material like exotic reptile skin, a confederate seat cover adds elegance to the room. It is also an outright statement of your patriotism which everyone sees when they sit.

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