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Herman Mashaba accused of stealing party name and logo

Herman Mashaba is a thief. That’s the claim from political organisation Party of Action (POA).

It has accused the former Joburg mayor of stealing its logo and appropriating its name when he launched his new Action SA party.

Established in 2018, POA has a membership of around 100,000.

It plans to contest in next year’s local elections.

But the party is worried about a case of mistaken identity on the ballot paper.

“It was very perplexing when I realised that he has stolen our name and our party logo,” said POA president Billy Nyaku. “People don’t see a difference.”

So has a complaint been laid with the IEC?

“The IEC says Mashaba has not submitted distinguishing symbol of party and name,” Nyaku said.

“We are waiting for him to submit then we will lay a formal complaint against him.”

When asked for comment, Mashaba says the claim is ridiculous and if the party believes it has a case then it can take him to court.

See what the Twitter streets had to say on this issue;

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