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EFF – There is no heritage to celebrate without land


The Economic Freedom Fighters have reiterated their call for the removal of all colonial and apartheid statues.

The party also called for the removal of Die Stem from the national anthem. Spokesperson Vuyani Pambo said that the pre-democracy anthem was “a spit on the faces” of those who sang Nkosi Sikelela iAfrika, praying for the dignity and prosperity of all Africans.

“Our heritage is rooted in symbolism, justice, and the land. Without these, there is no heritage to celebrate. Our public holidays must become moments in which we reflect truthfully on our history and the road we have travelled as a nation,” said Pambo.

The party said there was no need for South Africans to celebrate Heritage Day. “As things stand in South Africa, there is no heritage to celebrate so long as we remain landless and on the outskirts of our own economy”.

Pambo said the heritage of the country was one of “dispossession and continued humiliation at the hands of the white minority”.

Pambo claimed that black skin has become a signifier of criminality, inferiority, and decay.

“Our landlessness is at the centre of all the problems facing us as a people. As we observe Heritage Day, we call on Africans to remember these painful realities beyond the wearing of customary clothing,” Pambo added.

Pambo attacked President Cyril Ramaphosa’s call for the nation as part of celebrating the day, they must also participate in the Jerusalema dance.

“Instead of a call to dance and forget our history and current conditions, which is a trademark of the rainbow nations depoliticizing of our people, we call on our people to remember conditions. we call on our people reflect on whether they truly have a heritage in a country where they are servants and tenants of a white minority.

“… the EFF reiterates its call for land expropriation without compensation. The spiritual, cultural, and economic strength of our people is dependent on the land…” said Pambo.

-The Citizen

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