Home Entertainment Gold smugglers busted: Gold hidden in their b#ms

Gold smugglers busted: Gold hidden in their b#ms

Passengers travelling from Sri Lanka to India were bust smuggling gold – with 29 out of the 37 suspects found with the gold stuffed up their b#m.

According to our source, more than 10kg of gold was discovered by Indian customs officials on two flights heading to Madurai international airport in Tamil Nadu in the south of India last Sunday.

Gold smugglers

Some had hidden the precious metal away in their bags or kids’ pushchairs. But many had stuffed it up their b#ms.

 The haul is reportedly worth about R623 000.

Although some were carrying as much as 600 grams, nobody was arrested because it is below the criminal limit.

Smuggling gold into India is a common problem. The precious metal is hugely popular, often donated to temples or made into jewellery as a show of wealth.

About 560kg has been confiscated by Indian customs officials this year and 188 people arrested, reports The Guardian.


Some really push their luck. Last last month, Sri Lankan officials noticed a 45-year-old man behaving “suspiciously” at the airport. A thorough search uncovered almost a kilogram of gold stuffed up his bum.

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