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Gen!tal matchmaking is the latest trend – make your gen!tals a perfect fit


British cosmetic surgeon Dr Lucy Glancey is in high demand, especially since lockdown has couples spending more time together.

Glancey is said to have perfected the latest trend in cosmetic surgery – the ‘Perfect Fit’ procedure.

According to the Daily Mail, heteros.e.xual couples across the UK are lining up for the “gen!tal matchmaking service”.

So what is it exactly? The procedure is designed to improve your s.e.x life by increasing [email protected] and pen!s friction.

Consultations are given to measure and match up the couple before offering the necessary pen!s enlargement and [email protected] rejuvenation or tightening procedures to make them a “perfect fit”, the British publication reported.

“The friction introduced by ‘well fitting’ gen!tals has proven to improve s.e.xual pleasure, with [email protected] ‘ultimately depending on the degree of friction produced during intercourse’ for both partners,” Dr Glancey told the Daily Mail.

couple in bed

“This is one of the reasons why men who frequently masturbate find it difficult to climax during intercourse with a woman because they are used to producing a ‘perfect fit’ of their hand, which fits like a glove over their pen!s compared to being with a female partner,” she explained.

Dr Glancey also added that ageing is a large contributing factor towards couples not being s.e.xually compatible. “Over the years the pen!s does not change significantly in terms of thickness. However the [email protected] does…”

Does the procedure work? According to Dr Glancey, she’s saved many marriages as couples who have good s.e.x “will stay together despite their differences in other areas.”