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What to get for your man for valentines day


Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, and it’s soon approaching.

There are typical Valentine’s Day gifts such as chocolates, roses, jewellery and lingerie but those are gifts for women.

It can get quite hard to buy a man a Valentine’s Day gift, so here are some gift ideas for him:


1. A wallet
A wallet is something everyman needs. So this gift is nice a practical.

2. A mug
This gift will work for a man who is a coffee lover. Get him a mug with a good inspirational and motivational quote on.

3. Cufflinks
Cufflinks are good as any man will have to wear them at some point in his life.


4. Play station games
If your man is a gamer, find out what kind of game he really wants to get and get it for him.

5. A camera
Men love to have hobbies outside work. If your man is more on the creative side get him a camera and maybe he can adopt a new hobby in photography.

6. Skin care essentials
Most men these days are really into taking care of themselves and are open to cosmetic products like women. Get your man a few skin care essentials; he’ll really appreciate you for that.

7. Beer bottle opener
A beer bottle opener is another practical gift for your man if he drinks.

8. Boxers
Buy him boxers or underwear for a little quirkiness or sexiness in the bedroom.

9. Funny card
If you have a man who isn’t into gifts at all. Buy him a card with a funny picture or quote in just to do something on Valentine’s Day for the sake of it.

10. A good book
A good book is always a great gift idea. Find out the type of things he likes and buy him a book centred on that



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