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4 ex-officials arrested for R1.2 bn Gauteng Health Dept corruption granted bail

Four former state officials, who were arrested on Thursday morning, have been released on bail by the Palm Ridge Commercial Crimes Court.

They are charged with fraud and corruption linked to a 2007 Gauteng Health Department tender, which ballooned from R57 million to R1.2 billion.

But conspicuous by his absence was then-MEC, Brian Hlongwa.

The Hawks said that the long-drawn-out case emanated from a tender that was awarded without following due tender procedures.

The former officials include Sybil Ngcobo, Mmakgosi Mosupi, Valdis Romano and Obakeng Mookeletsi.

They allegedly received kickbacks for ensuring that a contract was awarded to a certain entity.

They are being charged with fraud, corruption, money laundering and contravention of the Public Finance Management Act.

The Hawks said that two private company directors who unduly benefited from the tender were outside the country but steps had already been taken to ensure that they were brought to justice.

The tender was awarded while MEC Brian Hlongwa was in office.

The SIU found that Baoki Consortium director, Heinz Smidek later bought a R4.6 million house in Bryanston that Hlongwa lived in rent-free.

But he wasn’t in court today.

NPA’S Sipho Ngwema explains why: “There were other officials, senior in the health Department, that other people believe that they should have been here today. This but one part of a big investigation with regards to what happened. The other net is coming and we suspect that there should be other developments in that regard.”

The court has granted bail ranging from R8,000 to R25,000.


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