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G7 condemns erosion of democracy in Hong Kong polls

World powers on Monday condemned Hong’s Kong tightly vetted legislature vote, saying rules imposed by Beijing that reduced directly elected seats and controlled who could stand had eroded democracy in the Chinese territory. China has overseen a sweeping crackdown in Hong Kong in response to huge and often violent democracy protests two years ago.

It imposed a national security law in the former British colony that criminalised much dissent and introduced political rules that vet the loyalty of anyone standing for office.

The first public vote under this new order was held on Sunday for the city’s legislature, with a historic low turnout recorded and the number of those directly elected slashed from half to 22 percent.

Figures showed just 30 percent of the electorate cast ballots, the lowest rate both of the period since the city’s 1997 handover to China and the British colonial era.

Turnout at the last legislature polls in 2016 was 58 percent, while the 2019 district council elections, when pro-democracy figures won a landslide, saw a record 71 percent.

Source: eNCA

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dineo ranaka

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