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Former President Jacob Zuma warns IEC against political interference

Former President Jacob Zuma has cautioned the Electoral Commission (IEC) against interfering in parliamentary affairs. Zuma said the Commission should refrain from involving itself in political matters and instead focus solely on ensuring free and fair elections.

Zuma reaffirmed his stance while addressing scores of uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) party members outside the South Gauteng High Court, where the IEC and the MK party are engaged in a court battle over his candidature for the upcoming May elections.

The former President expressed his concern, stating, “That party that will win together with other parties will discuss the issue of who will be president in parliament not at the IEC. This is really shocking.”

He further asserted his right to run again if South Africans wanted him to do so, arguing that he had not completed his two terms as President.

“When it comes to the man from Nkandla, he did not finish his two terms, he did not finish it. Therefore this issue does not include me, even if I say I want to stand as president, no one will stop me. I was taken out before my term ended as president. Black First Land First (BLF) leader Andile Mngxitama, who threw his support behind MK, joined the gathering outside the court.

Mngxitama said, “We are voting for them in these elections we want the two-thirds majority we want to return the radical economic transformation programme of Jacob Zuma which was disrupted midstream we think it is the way forward for this country to return the land to also participate in the economy, to get a minimum wage to address reparations for Marikana and make sure there is free education. Meanwhile, party members outside the court expressed confidence that Zuma would prevail in the case.

The Electoral Court is expected to make a decision not only on the case of the MK party but also on five other appeals that were brought before it on Tuesday. The IEC will also publish the final lists of candidates on Wednesday.

Source: eNCA

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Jonathan Majors

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