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FNB records the highest number of complaints in the banking sector


JOHANNESBURG – FNB has recorded the highest number of complaints in the sector, according to the annual report from the Banking Services Ombudsman.

It was followed by Absa, Standard Bank, Nedbank and Capitec.

The report shows that more than 6,000 formal cases were opened in 2019.

Banking Services Ombudsman, Reana Steyn says internet banking, credit card and ATM fraud drew the most complaints.

“I think it is very informative to look at our top three categories including internet banking fraud, which is the top category, the second is one is credit card fraud and ATM and ATM is mostly fraud.

So the top three categories are all related to crime issues that the banks did not settle to the satisfaction of the customer and then they had to come to us to assist them”, she said.

Complaints are expected to increase due to COVID-19.

Steyn has urged customers to make sure they make the necessary financial arrangements with their banks during the pandemic.

“They need to contact their banks immediately if they run into financial problems, if they run into problems and cannot pay their bonds or credit cards, they need to contact the bank.

We see a lot of people contact us directly and they haven’t even spoken to their bank, so it is important to contact your bank.”