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Fire destroys homes in Alexandra #AlexFire

Several families in Alexandra are homeless after a fire gutted their homes on Thursday night. At least 20 people are homeless after the blaze destroyed some shacks at Organic Market informal settlement.

Fire destroys homes in Alexandra

A fire last night destroyed everything they had it’s unclear clear how the fire started but investigations are underway. There have been no fatalities reported from the incident.

In other news – Tbo Touch loses a loved one to Coronavirus

We really should consider Clement Maosa‘s prayer that COVID-19 will not separate us from our loved ones. He opened up about the pain of burying his parents, declaring this virus won’t take away anyone’s loved one.

Tbo Touch

Empire Architecture and businessman Tbo Touch has expressed he is in mourning after losing a friend to a Coronavirus related illness. Read more

Source: eNCA

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