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Finally Holy Miracle Beer!

Pastors across Mzansi have done it all… They made their congregants eat grass and snakes, made them drink petrol and sprayed Doom in their faces. Now pastors are making their followers drink holy miracle beer.

But it is not beer for pleasure, it is beer for salvation, they claim.

Pictures of people drinking beer as anointing water in churches have been seen on social media, and while some think it is funny, others think it is disgusting.

Holy Beer


A picture showing a pastor offering one of his church members some beer had over 8 000 likes on Facebook and many comments within an hour.

Daily Sun contacted pastors for their comments.

Archbishop Johannes Leshaba of the Saviour Department Apostolic Church of South Africa said Jesus said in the Bible there would be fake pastors.

“Those pastors will perform miracles, which he doesn’t see,” said Leshaba.

“As believers we need to compare our faith with what the scriptures say.”

Pastor Vusi Mashabane of Church On The Hill said people must be grounded in the Word of God and nothing else.

“This will eliminate abuse or manipulation of the vulnerable,” Mashabane said.

People on social media had these comments to make:

Brilliant Malomane: “The world has come to an end.”

Mamosa Jele: “This church should be opened in Joburg. It will get many followers.”

Tawonga Williams: “That’s witchcraft. The followers are the dumbest Christians and don’t even know the gospel.”

Sandiswa Mlomzale: “We should go to this church, friends!”

Cici Simasiku: “ We don’t do that at our church, but I don’t think I would mind visiting this one.”

Source: Daily Sun

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