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Nasty C and Dr Malinga have settled their feud

Two former rivals, Nasty C and Dr Malinga have decided to squash their beef.

Seven months after being embroiled in a bitter feud, the pair decided to settle their beef with an embrace recently at an event.

After a picture of the pair together was shared on social media by Nasty C, Dr Malinga confirmed to TshisaLIVE that they settled their difference by talking backstage at Go West music festival in Johannesburg.

“It was a misunderstanding. I was giving my views and he was giving his. People will always misinterpret things so we spoke about it and we laughed. It wasn’t awkward at all, he didn’t duck and dive.



Dr Malinga

“I even joked with him and told him I was going to moer him, while I was walking towards him. We just laughed and even took a picture together,” Dr Malinga said

Malinga said he saw Nasty C as a son and was backstage dancing along to the rapper’s performance on stage.

“He is great and I call him my son because he is like my son, and I see him like my son. I am proud of him and there is nothing bad between us,” he added.

Despite the tension that once brewed between them, Dr Malinga said the pair were now in the right space to work together, which is something he would jump at the chance to do.

“I can’t confirm anything but I would love to work with him and we will see what happens in the future.”


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