Home Entertainment Fans upset about Thembisa Mdoda’s comments on #OPWPresenterSearch

Fans upset about Thembisa Mdoda’s comments on #OPWPresenterSearch

Every judging panel needs a straight shooter and on last night’s episode Thembisa Mdoda wore that hat.

While Queen B* was praised for her appearance on last night’s episode of #OPWPresenterSearch, Thembisa Mdoda got the sharp end of the stick because viewers were not too happy with her comments towards the contestants.If you’re like me then you’ve mastered the art of watching TV while giving my views on social media about a particular show.


So for those who were watching the OPW Presenter Search while on social media then you sure saw how Thembisa Mdoda was being dragged for what other viewers are calling the “Randall Effect”. Viewers were upset about the way she was judging and said more than anything, she was being really mean.


While some viewers felt that she was being rude because she knows the ins and outs of hosting the show, seeing that she was a presenter herself, others felt that her award for Best Presenter at the DSTV Viewers Choice Awards is starting to get to her head and now she is using that title to bring down presenters who might take her spot at the next awards ceremony.

Not to take anything away from what the viewers who were saying that about her but in Thembisa’s defense, every competition needs that one judge that is tough to the contestants. In South Africa we have Randall and overseas they have Simon Cowell just to balance out the opinions and views on the judging panel. Look at it this way, Bonang was a crowd favorite, Phumeza was seen as the sweet one and unfortunately for Thembisa, she had to wear the shoe of the tough one.

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