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Fans raise up their BB Naija faves, but when they drag, they drag ’em big

“Welcome to the Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem Reunion show! My name is Ebuka and I’m here with some of those who know exactly what it means to feel the love and the heat from the fans,” Ebuka says opening the week’s show.

It is hard being famous, but fame has its perks. These are facts the Pepper Dem housemates understand more than most people.

Since they left the house, they have been dragged unnecessarily on social media, and their fans have pit them against each other. “They get too intrusive that they start to cause us to fight among ourselves,” Elozonam says, to a huge yes from the other housemates.

However, the Big Brother platform has also brought wealth in the form of brand endorsements, unbelievable job opportunities and expensive gifts from fans and wealthy public figures. On this week’s Big Brother Pepper Dem Reunion, now showing on Showmax, the housemates talk about the perks and vices of their newfound fame, from family pressure and audio gifts to toxic fandom and social media wars. Here are the highlights from the week.

BB naija 1

Fanning enmity
The BB Naija fandoms love aggressively, and they drag with the same vigour. Sometimes, while showing love for their faves, some fanbases extend the opposite to other housemates and this fans enmity between the housemates. Ebuka presents the topic to Ike, and he explains.

“As much as they love you, they are all looking for relevance through you,” he says about the fans. “I don’t really like to take it personally, but some people take it personally. As much as I try to connect with my fans, I pretty much remove myself [from the situation], and let my family and management control most of it.”

A case that got a lot of time on the show is the Twitter fight between Jackye and Omashola. Omashola had tweeted, “Sometimes spoil yourself, no be every time you go they work like Jackie,” and his fans, thinking Jackye was the target, trolled her for being a workaholic. Jackye reacts angrily and hastily, leading to a bitter fight between the two.

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Tacha and the Titans
Tacha has been blockbuster from day 1 of the reunion show, and this week is no different. With talks surrounding toxic fandom, there was a mention of the wonderful Titans – the loudest, and maybe most vicious, fanbase – and their great support for her. “Titans are intense,” Elozonam says. “You can catch a dragging by just doing something.”

When Ebuka insinuates her fans attack other housemates, Tacha swiftly defends them. “My fans don’t attack other housemates,” she says. Mercy disagrees: “Even Tacha knows her fans attack other housemates, and sometimes, Tacha repost and likes the comments.”

Later, Frodd narrates his suffering at the hands of the Titans.

Mercy’s Mercenaries
Mercy’s Mercenaries were also mentioned. While Elozonam was analysing the traits of the Titans, Ebuka asks him if the Mercenaries are any different. Elozonam admits they are just as intense, but says they are different. “They are more skewed towards defence and peace as oppose to attack,” he says. Ebuka doesn’t agree. He poses the same question to Venita, who thinks the Titans aren’t healthy. “You also do get some crazy Mercenaries as well,” she answers, echoing Ebuka’s stance that the Mercenaries are also problematic.

To catch more of the housemates’ discussion on fanbases, fandom wars and fame, watch new episodes of the BB Naija Pepper Dem Reunion Show on Showmax from Monday to Thursday after they air on Africa Magic.