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John Steenhuisen: My plan is uniquely founded on faith in SA people

John Steenhuisen

On the eve of the DA’s elective conference interim leader and candidate for the leadership John Steenhuisen, and one of his challenger Mbali Ntuli’s supporters, youth leader Luvuyo Mphithi, had a similar message to delegates: to save South Africa, they need to put the people first.

Steenhuisen wrote in his final pitch to party delegates ahead of this weekend’s elective conference that when he launched his campaign in February it pained him – as someone who has spent his entire adult life in the party – to see that the DA wasn’t reaching its full potential.

He repeated his mantra on the campaign trail: there is nothing wrong it the DA that can’t be fixed by what is right with the DA.

“Through decisive leadership, a commitment to the ABCs of politics – activism, branches and campaigning – as well as through a renewed focus on message discipline, I am absolutely convinced that the DA has what it takes to form the core of a new majority in South African politics.

“It is precisely because of my faith in the future of the DA that I also put forward a detailed plan to fix our country. In keeping with the words of our Federal Constitution, my plan is uniquely founded on faith in the South African people,” he wrote.

“We have many problems in this country. But the people of South Africa is not one of them.”

He said South Africa has been brought to its knees by an “incapable and power-hungry state” which has “stolen away from the people”. He said the solutions is to “flip the script by replacing state control with people power”.

“My plan calls for us to base every policy decision on a single question: does it give more power to the incapable state, or does it give more people to the people? Measuring every decision against this simple metric – and always choosing to empower the people rather than the incapable state – holds the key to fixing South Africa.”

Meanwhile, DA MP and youth leader Mphithi wrote a letter in his personal capacity stating that South Africa is in desperate need of a “disruptive moment”. He believes Ntuli is the “kind of leader who can lead this disruptive moment to change the lives of South Africans, with new and innovative ideas to the old problems”.

He said he is encouraged and inspired by the “many talented, committed, and great leaders who will take the DA forward”.

“I believe now more than ever young people must raise their voices without fear and claim their space. Ageism is a fundamentally illiberal worldview that reduces the value of young people to a mere biological factor, refusing to consider them on merit as individuals with their own experiences, talent, and appeal to voters,” he wrote.

“South Africa is in desperate need of a disruptive moment to change and improve our country. A necessary disruptive moment to bring innovate solutions and ideas to improve our country and particularly that of our country’s young people.

“We need to reimagine our society, together and build a country where all South Africans feel a sense of belonging. Our current way of doing things is not working and the only way forward is win overall South Africans to ensure we give South Africa a real shot.”

He encouraged all young people in the DA, regardless of who they support, to remain committed to holding decision-makers – internally and externally – to account.

“As we have always done in the DA, whoever wins, we will ensure we support them.”

-The Citizen

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