Home Entertainment Evil woman influencing little girls to steal at malls

Evil woman influencing little girls to steal at malls

Women are known to be pillars of strength who protect children and teach them well.

But this is not true of an unknown Cape Town woman. She was captured twice on CCTV cameras telling a girl to steal cellphones!

Evil woman

A video posted by Tyron-Nicklaus Norman on Thursday said: “My wife was a victim of pickpocketing this evening.


“The part that is most sickening is that it was a little girl that did it.“She was made to commit crime by this woman.”

The unknown woman is seen nudging the child to reach into a woman’s purse for a smartphone before walking away.

The girl, who looks about six years old, takes phones from women who are shopping.

The victim continues shopping without noticing that her phone has been stolen.Facebook users were shocked.

Kim Mason said: “Well done to the mother for teaching her child to be a thief. Seriously! That just makes me so angry. She doesn’t deserve to be a mum.”

Another Facebook user, Musa Taleka, said: “This is so sad.

“I feel sad for the families who are victims of these crimes and I feel heartbroken for the little girl who has obviously been subjected to this lifestyle by her mother or aunt.

“It’s also heartbreaking that people have to resort to this kind of thing to survive.”

Police spokesman Sinathi Joni said: “A theft docket was registered at Table View SAPS on Saturday after a 37-year-old woman’s phone was stolen by an unknown suspect.

“Circumstances surrounding the incident are being investigated and no arrests have been made at this stage.”

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