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15-year-old Ekurhuleni girl escapes kidnapping by singing a gospel song

Her torn clothes will always be a reminder of how she survived a kidnapping ordeal.

The 15-year-old girl from Vosloorus in Ekurhuleni said when she was in that life and death situation, she remembered what her pastor had told her.

She said he always said when they are facing challenges and danger, they must worship and pray.

And she did that when she was kidnapped on 12 November by four men and a woman who were travelling in a blue VW TSI.

The incident happened in broad daylight near a busy spaza shop.

According to the girl, one of the men came out of the car as if he was going to buy something at the shop.

The man then grabbed her and put her in the boot of the car.

She said she tried to scream for help, but no one even noticed what was happening…

“I suspect these people used muthi because I screamed for help and people who were at the shop were minding their businesses as if they didn’t see what was happening.

“My younger sister who was with me when the incident happened, tried to jump into the car but the man who grabbed me pushed her away, before slamming the boot door,” she said.

15-year-old Ekurhuleni girl escapes kidnapping by singing a gospel song

The girl said while she was in the boot, she overheard one of the men saying they must rape her.

But the woman told the men not to rape her because they want her hair and body parts, especially her left breast.

“I had a phone on me so I tried to call my mother but she couldn’t pick up. I sang Pastor Benjamin Dube’s worship song called PraisedHim and I also prayed and asked God to save my life.”

She said she kicked the light of the car and waved at the cars behind them, but couldn’t get the attention of the motorists who were passing by.

“The car was moving fast and suddenly it stopped on the side of the road, two men came out and tied my hands with a rope.

“A few minutes later they opened the boot and took me out and assaulted me.”

She said one of the men attacked her with a broken bottle all over her body, tearing up her clothes.

She said the four men were wearing black clothes and shady sunglasses.

“What surprised me, the woman who is about 60 years old, was ordering the men to keep on assaulting me.

“The whole drama happened on one of the busiest streets and I could see people being dropped off by taxis, yet there was no one who noticed.”

She said by the grace of the Lord, the men stopped beating her up, went into their car, and left her while she was on the ground

“They left me thinking I was dead. I stood up a few minutes later but I couldn’t walk properly.

“I thanked God for saving my life from the jaws of death. “I managed to get help after a young girl saw me with torn clothes full of blood.”

The victim’s mother (36) said the incident has left them reeling in shock.

She said they want to know who was behind their daughter’s attack.

She said since the incident, they always see strange cars moving around the area.

“On Monday (7 December) I accompanied my daughter as she was writing her final exam. When we came back, a car with six men stopped next to us and one of them pointed a finger at my daughter.”

She said they were scare but the car sped off.

She said the family believes the suspects are still after their daughter.

The girl’s gogo said on the fateful day, the two kids were sent to pay stokvel money a few streets away from their home.

“They took a long time to come back, so I decided to go and look for them. On my way I was shocked when I saw the woman who collects stokvel money coming with my younger granddaughter.”

She told me my other granddaughter has been kidnapped.

“We are now living in fear. My granddaughters don’t go to the streets anymore.

“What pains me the most is that there’s a woman behind this attack. She wants to get rich with my daughter’s body part. She’s an evil and heartless person.”

Tradition healer Mahlinza Dlamini said the girl is lucky to be alive.

“The people who kidnapped her wanted to use her breast to get rich and use her hair to strengthened their business.

“They used a strong muthi which made them invisible to other people but the victim could see them.”

Vosloorus police spokesman Captain Piet Rossouw confirmed the incident.

He said a case of kidnapping has been opened but no one has been arrested.

He said anyone with information that can assist cops can call police on 076 205 2043.

-Daily Sun

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