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Ms Dippy has reflected on how Dumi Masilela helped her

Ms Dippy

Actress Hloni Padi, better known as DJ Ms Dippy, has reflected on how the late Dumi Masilelas presence in her life helped her in her work and personal life. Dumi was killed in a botched hijacking in 2017. At the time Dumi was an actor on Rhythm City with a cast that included Ms Dippy.

Dumi Masilela

“Dumi was the first person I worked with just as I got onto Rhythm City, his precise words were, ‘You only have one opportunity, grab this character and make it yours, do you! And don’t worry, we are all here to catch and support you!’. That’s when I knew I was at home,” she said.

The actress remembered how Dumi always left them with food for thought and always encouraged her and other colleagues to take care of their spiritual being. She remembered how she and many of the other young actors would be confused over the things Dumi attempted to teach them.

Dumi Masilela

“I remember how he left us so confused but it was some serious food for thought. He said to me, ‘If you were to pass away and leave earth today, do you think you would be spiritually happy in the afterworld?’ I said yes, and he said, ‘You’re not listening, think about it and get back to me.’ Bruh if I can tell you how confused I was! A few months later, I finally understood his question through his passing but couldn’t get back to him.

Ms Dippy

An emotional Ms Dippy took time out to thank Dumi in his absence for all the lessons he taught her that continue to live on. Dumi, I’m so emotional typing this but thank you so much for continuously pushing me as a big brother, thank you for encouraging me to get out of a toxic relationship, and thank you for being so wise at such a young age!” she said.

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