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DMX fan shares heartfelt experience she had with the rapper

Rapper DMX

While prayers are being poured into American rapper DMX, Twitter user Jennifer Fraser describes him as an “elegant” man. DMX (real name Earl Simmons) was admitted to a hospital in New York on April 2 after having a heart attack caused by an overdose of drugs.

In a Twitter thread that captivated thousands of users, Fraser said she met a rapper while travelling with her stepdaughter on a first-class flight to San Diego. At that time, she was unaware that he was a celebrity.

When they started talking, she understood who he was. She said DMX invited them to his performance. I will never forget her stepdaughter. Fraser said the “top shotter” hitmaker appreciated his family. We talked about race and his imprisonment. He was very genuine and candid. He went to get something else from the handler.

Jennifer Fraser

“He came back with another phone and played a song about his grandmother who raised him. It hasn’t been released yet, but it was recorded with John Legend.

“He talked about his kids, he has a lot of kids. He was worried about them and told me how much he enjoyed being a father, as a grandmother and his life and parents. I went back to the story of her influence.

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