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‘He is just too much for me’: DJ Zinhle speaks on her husband, Murdah Bongz – WATCH

Well-known Mzansi power couple DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz have left fans swooning over how supportive they are of each other.

Last year, Murdah headed online to celebrate his wife’s latest partnership with alcoholic brand Remy Martin. He also credited her for his South African Music Award (SAMA) win. This year, she shared a video discussing how grateful she is to have a husband like him.

While the pair have had their fair share of negative news headlines and nasty online comments, they continue to ignore trolls while openly showering each other — and their children — with love and affection.

DJ Zinhle speaks on her husband, Murdah Bongz

This week Zinhle headed online to gush over the fact that he is so perfect and how she is still stunned by the fact that she is married to someone as great as he is.

South African musician and former Black Motion group member Murdah Bongz — real name Robert Mohosana — has faced a lot of trolling online.

Many have made incredulous comments about his relationship with successful DJ and businesswoman Zinhle Jiyane who is well known by her stage name, DJ Zinhle.

This doesn’t seem to phase him one bit. Zinhle herself ignores internet trolls and frequently shares content on social media about her personal life.

DJ Zinhle speaks on her husband, Murdah Bongz

Heading online this week, Zinhle gushed over Murdah in a lengthy video.

In the clip, she shared how she decided to sleep in his dark room because she misses him and it smells like him. She then goes on to discuss dating people who are out of your league and how Murdah is an amazing musician.

She also shared how he is such a likable person who is thoughtful, kind, gentle, and stylish. The DJ marvelled over the fact that he was so perfect and still loved her so much — despite her imperfections.

“This guy is just too much for me,” she says as she asks her followers if they ever liked or dated someone they thought was out of their league.


In the comment section, many congratulated the couple while discussing how cute Zinhle is for crushing on her own husband this hard.

Many of them assured her that she too is also a catch and how perfect they are as a pair.

“Wow that’s amazing,im inspired by DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz for your amazing love. Keep that abundant love alive. It’s rare that you hear that from a lady,” one person said while another wrote:

“Wow this is so amazing, they’re some men out there who are hoping and praying to be called my love with the person they paid lobola to. This one she’s gone gone.”

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