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DJ Black Coffee is living his best life in Europe

DJ Black Coffee

Black Coffee is the MAN he thinks he is. The internationally acclaimed DJ recently caused some heat on the social media streets, when he jetted off abroad for his international tour in a private jet, while the coronavirus cases surge in the country.

DJ Black Coffee

The DJ has been living the high life abroad with his friend Euphonik, and the good homies are hard at work securing the bag. Last night Black Coffee reminded many who actually runs the game.

DJ Black Coffee

The DJ did a live stream on Instagram playing in Mykonos, in Greece and it left many suffering from chest pains as life seems to be normal in Greece.

DJ Black Coffee

Partygoers were turning up and not even wearing face masks and social distancing does not seem to be their norm.

His legion of fans who have been salivating for groove spots to be open in the country hailed the DJ for the international tour and reckoned that he is the best in the game.

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