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Dingaan Mokebe wants men to act a little bit better

Dingaan Mokebe

This is why we are called dogs, we are cowards. Can men stop this now? Enough! What have these poor women done wrong to deserve such?” he said in a video on Instagram.

In the video, Digaan calls on men to do better and says that violence is not the answer. Why are we so violent, why do we see death and killing as the solution? What mistake did these women do, what wrong did these women do? Dingaan then adds that if men are killing women, why should women trust them.

Dingaan Mokebe

“This is the reason why ladies don’t trust us, this is why we are called trash because of our behaviour. South African men we are cowards, myself included, I am a South African man, I’m no different, I live in SA. The men doing this are our brothers, they are our cousins, they live in our communities. We know them.”

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He explained that there was absolutely no reason why a woman should wake up and go to a post office and come back home dead. There was also no reason for a woman to leave her house and go to her boyfriend’s place and come back home dead.

Dingaan urged men to be protectors and gentle with women. He also called for harsher sentences for those who murder women. We keep claiming that we are the head of the family but we are the ones that kill our family. This needs to stop, we need to provide a safer environment for these women.

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The gathering was chaired by Nigeria, one of the countries that were affected by the xenophobic attacks. International Relations and Cooperation Minister Naledi Pandor concede SA has lapses in its security and immigration laws and vows the country will address the problem, and xenophobia.

Minister Naledi Pandor

Addressing the United Nations General Assembly on Saturday, where she represented President Cyril Ramaphosa, Pandor said the incidents of violence and looting that erupted in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal “were regrettable and shameful for a nation with such a proud history of struggle and international solidarity support”.  Read more

Source: Timeslive