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Dineo Ranaka Fired From Kaya FM

Dineo Ranaka confirms she’s being fired from Kaya FM. It was initially reported by Sunday World that the radio presenter and Kaya had a mutual separation, but Dineo’s announcement on Saturday morning shed light on the situation.“So I just got fired from Kaya FM. Interesting seasons of my life … So, what’s next Dineo?” she wrote on Instagram.

Dineo Ranaka

She urged people not to feel sorry for her. Celebrities and fans flooded the post with soothing words to the presenter.

“They didn’t fire u. They released u so that the next greater chapter can start. Otherwise, if they keep u there they’ll be delaying or denying u what’s about to happen. It might not feel like that right now but one day u gonna go back to them and say THANK U. Whatever u do right now just make sure u don’t burn any bridges. Hamba kukuhle sis,” Somizi Mhlongo wrote.

DJ Franky wrote, “Do you see why I’ve never done mainstream radio? Its trash! Measured by emotions and not work ethic. Masepa fela!!!!! I’m coming to your house!!!”

Dineo Ranaka

Dineo Ranaka was reportedly placed on sick leave by the radio station after she opened up about her mental health illness; she was diagnosed with Severe Chronic Depression after she hinted at being suicidal.

However, she’s receiving treatment and has been updating fans about her healing journey. Speaking of her job with Kaya, Dineo has been replaced by Sizwe Dhlomo even before she got axed.

Dineo Ranaka

Source – Fakazanews

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Nkosazana Daughter shows off her new car. Taking to social media, the Amapiano singer shared a video of her new white Volkswagen car being driven out of the car dealership. The star’s music career is paying off as this is her second car this year. In January 2023, she kicked off the year on a high note by purchasing an R1.2-million black car.

Nkosazana Daughter

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In a world where celebrity look-alikes are not uncommon, a recent discovery of a striking resemblance between a South African graduate and renowned musician Kabza De Small has taken social media by storm. When @KydotBesii released his graduation photos on social media, people couldn’t help but notice how much he resembled Kabza De Small from Scorpion King.

Kabza De Small

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