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Department of Correctional Services responds to the drunken ward video

Drunk warden

Department of Correctional Services responds to the drunken ward video. The scene, of a seemingly drunk prison warder in full uniform, was captured on video and went viral on social media. He was woken up while sleeping on a chair! But he struggled to stand still and talk properly.

The person taking the video keeps asking if the officer is fit for duty. He replies: “Yes, meneer. Yes, meneer. Yes, meneer!”

The officer is told to stand on one leg but struggles. He is then asked where his firearm is, but he does not know and starts looking for it.

Drunk warden

The incident allegedly happened at St Albans Prison in Port Elizabeth. Correctional Services spokesman Singabakho Nxumalo said the department was aware of the matter.


“The department is deeply appalled and aggrieved by this video. Conduct of this nature can never be allowed, hence an urgent investigation has been instituted.

“The mandate of the department is to contribute towards a just, peaceful and safer South Africa, and that demands that officials maintain a sound state of mind and be professional when performing duties,” he said.

Many social media users felt sorry for the officer while others slammed his behaviour. Hlezz wrote: “You don’t wake up and decide you’re going to be like this while on duty. It is hard.

“You’ll be broken if you chat to one of them. They deal with serious, heartbreaking issues.” Karabo wrote: “When are the applications opening? “I believe there are a lot of people out there ready to apply for the position.”

Watch the video HERE.

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