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Curvy Fitness Trainer Uchemba Amazing in latest pictures


Curvy Fitness Trainer Uchemba Amazing in latest pictures. The beautiful fitness hottie looks amazing in everything she wears and we thought why not share some of these moments right here.

Uchemba said this one of her pictures… “When the sun comes out don’t complain, you had all winter to get right 💪🏾💋”


I know what might be going through your minds, how does she get that amazing figure… Then below is your answer, see how Uchemba gets that amazing body in the gym. She even was nice enough to share her exercise tips…

She said: “Few of my FAVORITE boooty workouts that you can also do at home! Now that I’m losing weight, I still want to keep my gluteus nice and fit.
I always start off with a hip thrust to activate my glutes
4 sets of 20 reps with 5 second rest time after every set
Then I go straight into Jump squats with weights
3 sets of 20 reps
Straight leg side to side donkey kick
4 sets of 20 reps”

So some time in the gym will give you such an amazing look like our lady of the day. And then she shared moments that are worth more than a million words, pictures of Uchemba as she was growing up and it was a Christmas present we loved… Watch the video:

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