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More people needed for Covid-19 vaccine trials


More people are needed for Africa’s first COVID-19 vaccine trials.

This is according to Dr Clare Cutland, scientific coordinator at the Wits African Leadership in Vaccinology Expertise consortium.

“To ensure adequate numbers of participants who have not had COVID-19 before enrolment in the trial, we have changed our screening strategy.”


Some participants tested positive for the virus, and others were excluded because of underlying illnesses.

The trials began just over two weeks ago.

There have been as many as 202 participants in the South African COVID-19 vaccine trials.

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In Other News – Update on Covid-19 Cases – Dr Zweli Mkhize

As of yesterday (11th July 2020), a cumulative total of 264 184. confirmed COVID-19 cases in South Africa have been reported.


The total number of tests conducted to date is 2 108 570 with 51 338 new tests conducted since the last report, continue reading

Source – eNCA