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Cop accused of assault granted bail

A police officer stationed in Sophiatown has been granted a bail of R2,000, after allegedly assaulting a man in Reiger Park.

eNCA reported on the case after being shown footage of the man being beaten by the officer in full uniform.

Constable Michael Sei admitted to assaulting a shop owner in Reiger Park in the process of attempting to obtain CCTV footage from the store.

Sei and his family claimed his three-year-old son was kidnapped and left at the store and that his actions were a result of him wanting to get the CCTV footage.

The investigating officer’s affidavit says according to audio from the CCTV footage, Sei can be heard cursing at the man and demanding the footage.

Sei said the day his son disappeared, he was in his care and he doesn’t know how he disappeared.

“I didn’t understand how he could have snuck out. He was found at the store unharmed,” Sei said.

Sei says he had not received feedback on his case and wanted to be furnished with video footage from the store which would be crucial in establishing how his son got to the store.

The state opposed the bail application as the man he allegedly assaulted has been receiving threats since the incident occurred.

Sei said he wants to resolve the matter through mediation.

The court granted R2,000 bail with the condition that Sei does not interfere with investigations, refrains from contacting witnesses and does not enter the Reiger Park area.

The matter has been postponed to 23 November for further investigations.

Source: eNCA

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