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Constitutional Court rules against Qwelane in hate speech case

A victory for human rights, particularly the LGBT-Plus community.

The long-awaited Constitutional Court judgment has been handed down on the matter involving the late journalist Jon Qwelane and the SA Human Rights Commission.

In 2008, Qwelane wrote a homophobic article in the Sunday Sun that received hundreds of complaints.

The judgment has reaffirmed the rights of certain groups of people who have been victims of hate speech and unfair discrimination.

Legal expert Rupert Candy said: “It’s a seminal day for victims of hate speech and unfair discrimination. The Qwelane judgment has been going on for close to 13 years. The matter was handed down today [Friday] by the Constitutional Court, it did uphold the declaration of constitutional invalidity by the SCA however, it was just in respect of a specific portion of the hate speech provision of the Equality Act, which dealt with hurtfulness. The other grounds, in respect of, whether speech is harmful and promotes or propogates hatred has been left as is.

“As it stands, at the moment, it is a victory for defenders of the rights of people to human dignity.”

Source: eNCA

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