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Comedy club The Goliaths expanding

After the success of their comedy club Goliath & Goliath in Melrose Arch, Joburg launched a year ago, the Goliaths are expanding!

“We opened our first club a year ago and it has grown.“We have worked with lot of artists and in this second space, we intend to do the same thing.“This space will suit the kind of audience you find in Braamfontein, which is different from Melrose.


Braamfontein is Joburg’s new cultural hub and full of youths who are into art.”

Donovan said the hotel has an underground venue with the old cinema style they were looking for and the space will host comedy in its raw form.

They will launch a new club at the Bannister Hotel called The Goliath Club Braamfontein to give up-and-coming comedians a platform.

Braamfontein is seen as a central suburb where talented young people like to spend their time in Jozi.


The new club will be launched next Saturday with a great line-up.

Donovan Goliath told SunBuzz they are very happy to launch the space, the second comedy club they are launching in partnership with the Savanna brand.

The comedians performing at the launch include Nicholas Goliath, Joey Rasdien, Mojak Lehoko and Eric Jansen.

Donovan said: “They have been doing exceptionally well. It is good to have a range of topics and they will give us exactly that.

“It is beautiful to see comedy growing.” He said young comedians are hungry and he’s impressed with the direction comedy is taking.