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City of Cape Town: City services being severely impacted by criminal attacks in Philippi

The City of Cape Town says various city services are being severely impacted by criminal attacks in parts of Philippi.

This includes the Kosovo informal settlement, where a stormwater upgrading project is underway.

On Tuesday, two security officials were murder while they were escorting city staff members in Phola Park.

The men were shot and killed shortly after arriving on site to safeguard City of Cape Town staff attending to a sewer pipe repair.

The city says tactical response and security escort services are being provided to both staff and contractors in Philippi due to the ongoing safety threats.

Mayco Member for Water and Sanitation, Zahid Badroodien: “There’s been an increasing number of attacks on our staff. This has led to the city spending over R8.5 million for private security escorts in this financial year alone. But, unfortunately, ruthless targeting persists and has now claimed two more innocent lives.”

Extortion is being blamed for Tuesday’s murders.

Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis has announced a R100,000 reward for information that helps prosecute the killers.


In other news – #ApologyAccepted: Jelly Babie apologizes to retail cashier after viral video

Controversial South African singer, and performer, Jelly Babie has made amends with a Big Save cashier after an altercation. A video of the Bacardi star hurling insults at the cashier, demeaning her profession, went viral on social media.

Jelly Babie apologizes to retail cashier after viral video

In the video, Jelly Babie is heard saying: “You must respect me and I’ll respect you. You are nothing.” “She is forward because we were not talking to her. Why would she concern herself about things she does not know about? Read More