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Zim Pastor causes Chaos in church with his imported Horn from Israel

A MYSTERIOUS horn reportedly caused a stir in a church led by a local prophet in Waterfalls on Sunday.

Reports are that Prophet Lazarus Mashavave of Life Giving Spirit International Ministries produced the horn during a healing and deliverance session resulting in chaos in church at his base at the Waterfalls municipal hall.

The sight of the horn reportedly resulted in some people falling and manifesting with demons as the prophet moved around the church with the horn in his hand.

Sources told H-Metro that the horn was imported from Israel and possesses healing and deliverance power when anointing oil is added in it.

“This is something new from the prophet. We have never witnessed anything like this from him before. The horn was brought during the service and the mere sight of it resulted in some people falling in trances and manifesting.


Prophet Lazarus Mashavave


“The prophet added oil and just a drop from the horn was enough to heal and deliver someone from demons,” said a congregant.

This is the latest act by the prophet who at one point during a deliverance session introduced whips which reportedly saw dozen of people getting delivered.

Prophet Mashavave could not be reached for further comment only saying “this is a special and powerful horn”.

A close source to him described the horn as a sign of victory.

“This was my first time seeing something like this. Just pointing the horn to someone had powerful effects. Just a drop of the oil was enough to heal an ailing person. I remember the prophet saying something about horns saying they are for defence, protection and symbolise victory.

“This is victory in life, promotion, prosperity and should not be taken lightly. If you were at church you would have seen what its introduction did to the people,” he said.

Prophet Mashavave is also known for the popular cellphone miracle which has seen people flocking his church.

The prophet has become popular for several miracles but has preferred to remain humble and known for his saying “this is a calling and not a competition and all glory to God”