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Choosing Forex Trading Platform in South Africa

If you do not know where to do Forex trading in South Africa, we have compiled a top selection for you. Check our list to pick the best.

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One of the main components of your successful trading on the exchange in South Africa is a trading platform. It connects you to the server for asset trading. You ought to approach Forex trading platforms consciously and carefully, according to your style of trading, market, and goals. It is like choosing a car. You will not buy the first one. It should be comfortable, functional, simple, fast so that you can fully enjoy the ride.

The presented variety of modern trading platforms and brokers can satisfy the needs of even the most fastidious traders. It all depends on your preferences and the trading market. We will consider the most popular and functional ones. What platforms exist for stable trading on Forex? What cool features do they offer? How to pick the one that is near you?

1. Libertex

This online web terminal provides you with access to financial markets in just 1 minute. It has a simple, intuitive and convenient interface, “crammed” with the latest developments and technologies. Here, you can use various assets for different transactions, form your profitable portfolio, monitor all investments through mobile devices. Additional tools for recognizing graphic shapes and a large selection of technical indicators (over 45) are also available here. If you want to increase your profit with comfort and become an investor, then this platform is for you.

Forex Trading in South Africa

2. MetaTrader

This platform is free and one of the most popular for trading on stocks. It is easy to install on your computer; another good thing is that you can install both a real and a demo version of the software. Also, MetaTrader has an impressive set of advantages:

  • Optimization of the deposit process using algorithmic trading — you can create, test and optimize the work of trading robots without leaving the platform. Bring the process of transaction conclusion to automaticity and eliminate the element of surprise in your trading;
  • Multifunctionality, a pleasant interface, a variety of trading tools — all this greatly increases the efficiency of the trading process. Over 100 special instruments, 54 currency pairs are represented here; gold, silver, diamonds and oil are traded;
  • Support for mobile devices based on Android or iOS — this allows you to trade your reserves from your phone and tablet. You are always aware of market trends;
  • Work in the Non-Dealing Desk system — you directly interact with the market without the intermediary of a dealer.

3. Unitrader

It is one of the easiest trading platforms developed by Boston Merchant Financial, suitable for both beginners and professionals. This system provides extensive trading information for user categories in 17 languages. Easy and pleasant interface, the ability to trade with commodities six days a week, the maximum adjustment in the system settings for each client, the ability to trade from a mobile device — all these will make you love the solution.

However, the best thing about this platform is the Trailing Stop function. This allows the server to control your risks and orders. Your risk limit is active, even when the computer is turned off. The versatility of the system allows you to simultaneously control charts and open positions, view social networks and market news.

4. ZuluTrade

This is a paradise for the lazy. Here are more than 1,500 signal providers, which are represented by the most experienced traders from around the world. Your task is to choose a trader according to a transparent rating and copy his actions. The system instantly converts its guidance rules.

5. Cqg Trader

Being one of the most efficient and modern trading terminals that provides access to the limitless majority of international exchanges (CME, CBOT, NYMEX, ICE, EUREX), this system enables the technical check and assessing of quotes in real-time. Speed ​​and high quality of data analysis, user-friendly interface, multifunctionality, reliability in order execution, and convenient trading system are its main advantages. The cool thing to mention here is the ability to accept orders from the outside and send them in a couple of clicks.

6. Ninja Trader

This is one of the most popular and modern terminals. The reasons for its popularity are the straightforwardness of the interface, high speed and stability, multifunctionality, as well as the ease of work with charts. Employ the solution to directly connect to different exchanges to monitor rates. It is your activity and the liquidity of the asset that affects the execution of your order. You can easily add new elements, monitor price levels (Forex signals), receive information about the status of your accounts, orders and strategies. Ninja Trader is suitable for both beginners and profits.