Police in Harare have launched a campaign to clear the streets of illegal vendors according to the Human Rights forum. This follows after the president emphasized that vendors and pirate taxis should operate from designated points and not just any corner of their liking. Navigating in the streets of Harare has proven to be a mammoth task as every corner has become a bazaar or a taxi rank.


The powers that be felt this situation was a poor reflection of the country and was causing chaos and sometimes poor hygienic conditions. This news was met with a lot of defiance from the vendors who vowed to resist the move by the government to get rid of them. The vendors pointed out that this move would be bad for their business thus rendering them penniless and unable to sustain their livelihoods.

However their pleas fell upon deaf ears as evidenced by the police descent in the Harare CBD. As of now, the streets are being rid of any vendors and pirate taxi operators. A riot squad in armored vehicles swooped in the streets proving that they mean business and they aren’t above using brute force to ensure that the new rules are enforced.