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Bonnie Mbuli says social media trolls should stop shaming her for her American accent

Actress and TV personality Bonnie Mbuli is gatvol of being compared to SA-born singer Tyla and comedian Trevor Noah, who are both making waves in their respective careers internationally. Social media trolls have accused Mbuli of trying to sound American saying Tyla and Trevor never developed an ‘accent’ while in the US.

Bonnie Mbuli

Mbuli moved to Hollywood about two years ago to pursue an acting career.But this time Mbuli, the ex-wife of fellow actor Sisanda Henna, is putting a stop to cyber bullying by addressing those who say she’s fake by trying to sound American. According to Mbuli, she did not move to the United States of America to being given African roles only.

Bonnie Mbuli

I am an actress and I don’t expect Hollywood writers to accommodate me and write African roles for me. I don’t understand why people are taken aback by my accent.,” said Mbuli. She said she is sick and tired of being a subject of gossip. She said some people went to a point of sending her DMs, asking her about her change of accent since she now resides in the US.

Bonnie Mbuli

While I am minding my own business, there are people who have been talking and commenting about my accent,” she said. Mbuli said when South African rappers were mimicking the American culture either through music (rap) and that no one shamed or complained about them. She is currently on American drama-series, Perish, portraying the role of a Zimbabwean.

Bonnie Mbuli

She also made a reference to Trevor Noah, saying he did not need to change the way he speaks. She also made an example about Tyla, citing that people should stop comparing her to other fellow South African living abroad. “Tyla sings and you don’t need an accent to sing,” she reasoned. Mbuli also concluded that she won’t stop practicing the US accent until she masters it.

Bonnie Mbuli

This is not a group thing. This is my life and I am an individual who is living her life according to her own rules. Now that I have legitimate reasons as an actress, I always wanted to compete on a global stage,” said Mbuli.

Source: The southafrican

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