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Boity Thulo’s lookalike causes chaos on social media: PICTURES

Tweeps from across the world shared their best-looking pictures on Twitter.

When the photo of a Somalian woman with a striking resemblance to Boity landed on the former Rockville actress’ timeline, Boity was quick to claim her as our own.


From the moment we saw her we could tell that they have some similarities if you doubting here is one picture of Boity and make sure you look carefully.


You still doubt? Take a look at the other picture of Brinney below:


She is from Somalia, hence that’s why she is always wearing covering her head. Another Boity picture to make sure you spot the similarities…


One last one to make sure you are left with no doubts at all,


The Twitterverse is super-excited to have found Boity’s long-lost sister, and are rooting for the pair to meet.

“Heyi!!! I’m claiming her! That’s my long lost TWIN sister!, (sic)” Boity wrote on Twitter.

The beautiful 21-year-old social influencer – known by her Instagram handle Brinney_ – responded on Twitter, saying: “We going to South Africa.”