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Black Coffee’s ex wife Enhle Mbali EXPOSED

A woman by the name of Valentine Bango has revealed that former Isibaya actress Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa was willing to be the second wife in her marriage.

Enhle Mbali

Valentine posted a series of screenshots of a conversation between her husband Justice Huni with Enhle Mbali.
Detailing how their affair started, Valentine said that when her husband was broke 12 years ago, Enhle Mbali did not want him. She then allegedly found Black Coffee and got married to him. Enhle then decided to cut all communication with Valentine’s husband.

Enhle Mbali

Valentine said that Enhle and her husband tried to make glamourise their affair by asking her to allow Black Coffee’s ex-wife to join her marriage as the second wife.

Enhle Mbali
They tried to make their affair look pretty unfortunate but you can’t turn dirt into gold. I rejected and dismissed the proposal. I have never and will never agree to polygamy. This might be the way of life for others but it is not what I want for my life…Even after the truth was out, your first instinct was to protect Enhle. You asked me not to expose her. But you say you love me. You never thought about how affects our child,” she wrote.

Enhle Mbali

Valentine added, “his family has been ripped apart. You his mother. But you say you love him. I can only imagine what both our families are going through. But you say you love them. I hope your pursuit of happiness is successful. Happy 10-year anniversary, ” she adds. The publication then added that Valentine asked Enhle hard-hitting questions about allegedly wrecking her marriage while she fought for her marriage with Grammy award-winning DJ Black Coffee.

Enhle Mbali

“How is it okay for you to cry about Black Coffee cheating on you and then go and do the same to another woman? How is it ok for you to cry about adultery breaking up your family and then turn around and do that to another family? You are a home wrecker.

Enhle Mbali and DJ Black Coffee

“If polygamy is your thing, why didn’t you ask Black Coffee to make his mistresses wives in your marriage and leave my marriage alone?

Source: thesouthafrican

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