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Beauty Options That Will Make You Younger Without Any Surgery

When it comes to beauty, the list of options is seemingly endless. There are more supplements, cream, drugs, and seizures for beauty than nearly anything else. In the endless pursuit of staying young, radiant, and gorgeous, we will try it all. As the current narrative goes, the best way to look gorgeous if you go under the knife. But this is not necessarily true. There are tons of ways that you can look as good or better without so much fuss. 

Here, we will go through the top tips and tricks to see you for without having to contact the surgeon. Sometimes, the answer is much simpler than you think. 


There are a plethora of new procedures out there that have the same efficacy as these slice and dice procedures. They often include some very fascinating and new technology. This cutting edge set of procedures are often made to promote the production of collagen and hyaluronidase. One such procedure involves a substance called PDO. It’s a type of knifeless facelift that reignites the natural contractile tissues in your skin, allowing it to essentially lift itself. For those that want to learn more, resources are readily available on the subject. PDO or polydioxanone is an FDA approved substance and has a wealth of research behind it. It’s been proven safe and effective multiple times in peer-reviewed studies. Your doctor should know about it. Ask them.


Beauty Creams

Creams and lotions are the starts of a good skin routine. They have proven time and time again to not only be effective but to be reasonable additions to any daily routine. With the addition of various substances in the cream, you can get anti-ageing effects, rejuvenating effects, lightning effects, etc. If you’re going to go with a cream, you don’t have to go all that wild. You don’t need to have a 10 step Korean glass routine to keep your skin healthy. There’s a reason why most dermatologists don’t approve of that kind of excessive routine. It’s pointless.

Stick to a good cleanser, a toner that rebalances your skin’s pH, and that all-too-important cleanser. Look out for ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C, collagen precursors (collagen by itself does not cross the skin’s lipid bilayer), and hyaluronic acid. Mid-range price and preferential texture are what you should be looking for. 


When it comes to your skin, what you do matters. What you eat, how much time you spend under the sun, and what you drink all play a part in how your skin looks and feels. This can be subdivided into three different categories: liver health, hydration, and radiation exposure. The liver is the main protein producer in the body. That includes the proteins holding your skin together.

Things like alcohol and excessive drug use tax the liver, making it focus on other things that aren’t making proteins. Skin turgor and fullness is primarily a function of having adequate amounts of water in your system. Lastly, keeping away from radiation like the sun prevents cell death and damage to the epidermis. 

These beauty options may not be a quick fix, but they’re winners in the long term. Truth be told, you don’t need the nip-tuck to look radiant, youthful, and healthy. You just need some time, care, and a bit of insider know-how.

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