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Crushing on Beautiful Nozipho Zulu – Pictures

Nozipho Zulu

One of Instagram’s baddest babe’s is the pretty face graduate and hard-working woman, Nozipho Zulu. She is not afraid to show her stunning body to the world and shake what her mamma gave her. This socialite turned businesswoman has her own clothing shop called Zeeshop and strived to make a success out of it.

Nozipho Zulu

All her followers are able to purchase her outfits at Zeeshop. Nozipho Zulu has faced many struggles, but she has always come out on top. “The scariest thing about me and it also scares me sometimes is that I don’t have fear of anything, like zero fear! I don’t fear people or things!

Nozipho Zulu

She is always on point and it has come to that point where every one awaits to see what her next post will be looking. A lot of people always cry about Monday, especially those going to work.

Nozipho Zulu

She is keeping it rolling as she knows she draws the attention of a lot of people and brightens their poor hearts. She wrote on one of her posts on Instagram, ‘Someone said God is a woman 👸🏾

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Three months after making headlines for her explosive open letter to sport, arts and culture minister Nathi Mthethwa, veteran actress Vatiswa Ndara has sent a fresh message to the minister, once again highlighting the plight of actors in the country.

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