Basetsana Kumalo gives advice on what to do during the lockdown

The ‘mother of the tribe’ and media mogul Basetsana Kumalo has cautioned parent about the manner in which they deliver information about the coronavirus pandemic, as it will become their ultimately become their reality. The media mogul shared her views on Instagram about the state of the country during the 21-day lockdown and how parents needed to act wisely during this time. Yes it’s a national crisis, yes it’s a global disaster, yes it’s a state of emergency, what we communicate to our children is and will be their absolute reality.

Basetsana Kumalo

Bassie explained that while many children were quite confused about what is taking place in the country regarding the virus, parents needed to take caution when speaking to their little ones as they believe whatever is being said. They know and believe what we say. May I implore us to be mindful of what we say to them and how we communicate with them about Covid-19.

Basetsana Kumalo

“Let’s rather empower them on what steps to follow to protect themselves and others, rather than dreading that they will be home to eat you out of the house and clean out your fridge. Bassie added that it was also important for parents to give kids necessary tools to protect themselves and show care for others in the face of the virus.

Let’s give them tools on how to protect themselves and be conscious caring citizens. Causing mayhem and panic is not constructive but brings them more anxiety and unnecessary angst.

Basetsana Kumalo

The mogul explained that the way parents expressed what they said to their children would reduce the confusion and panic they might be experiencing.

Yes, let’s tell them the truth and scientific facts. It’s not what we say, it’s how we say it. Let’s minimise the drama and be cognizant of our language … With love from #MotherOfTheTribe.

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Source: Timeslive

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